​​​​​​​Start of term details

Start of term details

Thursday 5th September Year 7 first day: Pupils need to be in school by 8:20am.
Years 8-11 Parent review day (pre-arranged appointments).

Friday 6th September All pupils return to school


Senior Leadership Team

Ms Rebecca Curtis Principal  
Ms Ruta Kurtinaityte PA to the Principal r.kurtinaityte@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Cara Clancy Vice Principal c.clancy@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Sarah Donachy Vice Principal s.donachy@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Tommy Ittu Vice Principal t.ittu@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Gemma Bayes Assistant Principal g.bayes@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Lyn Brooks Assistant Principal & DSL l.brooks@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Peter Cook Assistant Principal p.cook@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Al El-Hendi Assistant Principal a.el-hendi@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Zara Khokhar Assistant Principal z.khokhar@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Chris Lumsden Assistant Principal c.lumsden@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Rojan Zarrabi Assistant Principal r.zarrabi@arkelvinacademy.org

Please email Ruta Kurtinaityte to contact Principal or Executive Principal.

Heads of Year

Ms Meryl Noronha Year 7                                 m.noronha@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Alice Strong Year 8 a.strong@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Adam Ciombor Year 9 a.ciombor@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Patrice Johnson Year 10 p.johnson-bignall@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Alasdair Austin Year 11 a.austin@arkelvinacademy.org

Heads of Department

Mr Andrew Short English a.short@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Sophie Flanagan Science s.flanagan@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Vito Drago Art v.drago@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Laura Spiers Drama  l.spiers@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Hassan Izzidien DT h.izzidien@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Robert McDonough Head of Humanities r.mcdounough@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Sonal Chohan Mathematics s.chahan@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Katie Tiller Modern Languages k.tiller@arkelvinacademy.org
Ms Frances Green Music f.green@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Jubil Kunnasery Physical Education  j.kennassery@arkelvinacademy.org
Mr Chris Nicholson Religious Education c.nicholson@arkelvinacademy.org
Mrs Rachael Saunders SENCO r.saunders@arkelvinacademy.org

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