What makes us unique

Ark Elvin Academy is a unique combination of three elements:

  1. The six principles common to all Ark schools: high expectations, exemplary behaviour, excellent teaching, depth before breadth, more time for learning, and knowing every child.
  2. Our motto of magna aude (dare for greatness) and values of integrity, courage, community, and mastery.
  3. Our very special, vibrant local community.

These elements combine to make a school with five distinct features:

We are a language specialist school

Communication is a vital skill in the modern world. As a language school, literacy is a high priority, through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We are lucky to have a school community with many languages and we celebrate this while ensuring that every pupil masters the English curriculum and other taught languages.

We focus on core subjects

Experience and research have told us that maths and English are not only vital for the world of work, but that mastering these two subjects is key to being able to access the wider curriculum. So we invest more time and resources in maths and English than other schools, and give extra support where needed to make sure that pupils are strong in these subjects.

We prepare our pupils for university

Going to university is an individual choice but we believe that it is our duty as a school to make sure that every pupil has the chance to make that choice. We aim for every pupil to leave Ark Elvin Academy with the skills, experiences, and qualifications to secure a place at a top university. This commitment extends outside the classroom – for example, we take every pupil, from year 7 to 13, to visit a university every year.

We teach pupils to learn, work, and live together

Community is one of our core values, and we actively teach our pupils how to treat each other well and to collaborate. All our Key Stage 3 and 5 pupils start every day in the hall together, working communally. Every student is in one of our six houses (Angelou, Farah, Malala, Mandela, Rowling, and Sutton), giving them opportunities to work together to compete against the other houses.

We maintain very high expectations for learning and behaviour

Magna aude – dare for greatness – runs through everything we do. We do not accept anything but the highest standards of behaviour, because we want the focus to always be on learning and we aim to produce young men and women who are ready to contribute to society. Our teachers work tirelessly to pursue high expectations for learning, doing whatever it takes for pupils to master their subjects.

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