​​​​​​​Start of term details

Start of term details

Thursday 5th September Year 7 first day: Pupils need to be in school by 8:20am.
Years 8-11 Parent review day (pre-arranged appointments).

Friday 6th September All pupils return to school

Mastery Curriculum

Ark Elvin Academy Curriculum Model

Our Mission

To ensure that every pupil leaves Elvin confident, articulate and culturally aware; able to pursue careers they are passionate about, contribute to society and live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Mastery Curriculum Pillar

Our curriculum design enables pupils to make rapid progress and develop a framework of knowledge and understanding in each subject area that provides a solid foundation for further study.

Ark Elvin Academy: Curriculum Vision 

  • Our curriculum is knowledge-rich: knowledge begets knowledge - knowledge provides a framework of thinking and allows them to assimilate new learning with what they already know
  • The curriculum at Ark Elvin is built on the vision of a mastery model; the structure of the curriculum is designed to support pupils in mastering key learning before they move on
  • We plan backwards from university, supporting our pupils by providing a solid foundation for further study
  • We aim to develop departments based around subject expertise, shared across the Ark network, so that curriculum decisions are taken by the experts in that discipline
  • Our curriculum is a progression model that is carefully sequenced and planned: by progressing through the curriculum – and showing knowledge and understanding –pupils demonstrate mastery 
  • We recognise that our children join us at very different starting points; we assess them on entry and ensure that our curriculum meets their needs, whilst holding the same high expectations of every child
  • We have designed a rapid EAL catch up programme and track the progress of pupils on this forensically so that they can access the full curriculum as soon as their language ability allows them to
  • We provide more time for English and Maths for all pupils to help them develop literacy and numeracy skills to a very high level

Please see the following document for full details on the curriculum:

PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Curriculum Model 2018-19.pdf

Key Stage Three

Curriculum Design 


  • The structure of each individual year group is subject to change; Ark Elvin Academy has a highly mobile population. The data and profile of the year group is carefully examined on entry in Year 7 and closely monitored throughout the year, to ensure that every pupil is on the correct pathway for them and audited to ensure that there is suitable provision for pupils who the data shows need it
  • Each year group is split into two bands, Band A and Band B. This facilitates the timetabling of groups within departments and allows teachers to focus their planning. The spread of ability between the two bands will be roughly equal, allowing teachers to double up planning to facilitate expertise and maximise the time spent on a particular year group
  • Maths, English and Science lessons will be set independently of each other within each band, based on a rigorous analysis of pupil data
  • All subjects within Humanities (History, Geography, French and RE) will be in groups based on English sets. Pupils in the EAL groups will do Phonics and Rosetta Stone at these times
  • Other subjects (Art, Drama, DT, Music and PE) will be mixed ability groups
  • Character Development and PSHE lessons are taught by the pupils’ form tutor during form time (1 hour per week)
  • All classes in Key Stage Three have one period of enrichment per week. These classes are held at the same time for the whole of Key Stage Three

Pupils select their options in Year 9. Please find the options booklet below:

PDF iconYear 9 options booklet 2019 pdf.pdf

This booklet aims to:

  • Set out the exciting curriculum plans for Years 10 and 11
  • Help pupils think about the choices they will shortly need to make

Key Stage Four 

Underlying Principles

  • There is a significant focus on the core subjects at GCSE: English, Maths and Science. Therefore, pupils spend the most time studying these subjects. Any pupils who need more support with these subjects will receive it
  • Decisions on the Pathways that pupils are entered into are made during Year 9 and reviewed throughout the year based on data obtained in assessment points. Each pupil’s data is individually checked to ensure that they are on the right pathway
  • Pupils contribute to the decision-making process when they submit their option choices in Year 9
  • For pupils who require extra support in Maths and English, more time is allocated to support this. Four extra hours are allocated to each subject when required. This involves pupils being taught a specialist catch-up course by a different teacher
  • Pupils who join in Key Stage Four who are in need of EAL support get 4 extra hours of English
  • Pupils are placed in groups in Maths, English and Science independently of each other, based on the data available to teachers
  • History, Geography, French and Spanish can be set based on the teachers available and the numbers within each subject
  • Other options groups are mixed

Please find information on all of our Key Stage Four courses and qualifications, as well as the awarding body:

PDF iconKey Stage Four Qualification Details


If you require any further information about our curriculum, please contact Peter Cook, Assistant Principal for Mastery Curriculum: p.cook@arkelvinacademy.org