Curriculum overview

As an Ark school, we focus on depth before breadth, ensuring that our pupils secure firm foundations in English and mathematics. We prioritise depth in these subjects, giving pupils the best chance of academic success across all their studies. This means that pupils have more curriculum time for these subjects than in most schools, with up to six per week in each, and we have adopted the English Mastery and Mathematics Mastery curriculums.

Ark Elvin is a language specialist school, with a significant focus on the development of literacy for all pupils, English language skills in pupils who speak other languages, and an appreciation of language as a means for communication with and understanding of others. This includes daily reading for all pupils, as research and experience show that this is a great driver of future success in all subjects; we also have a very successful modern foreign languages department.


Year 7 & 8 Curriculum

The focus of the curriculum through Years 7 to 8 is to develop core subject knowledge and a secure foundation on which build upon. More time for English and mathematics is essential as this will underpin understanding in all other subject areas.

Subject Periods per week
English Language & Literature 6
Mathematics 5
Science: Biology Chemistry Physics 3
History 2
Geography 2
Religious Education 1
French/Spanish 2
Physical Education 2
Art & Design 3
Drama 2
Music 1


Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9, we focus on a wide range of skills and will help to foster pupils’ thirst for learning through inspiring and relevant learning experiences. Through the wide variety of subjects, topics and themes studied, pupils will also develop the personal, learning and thinking skills required to succeed in their GCSEs. The curriculum will develop creative, enquiring and independent learners who are adept at problem-solving and team-work, providing a foundation for lifelong learning.

Subject Periods per week
English language & Literature 6
Mathematics 5
Science: Biology Chemistry Physics 5
History 2
Geography 2
Religious Education 1
French / Spanish 2
Physical Education 2
Art & Design 2
Drama 1
Music 1


Enrichment Curriculum

In addition, all pupils have access to our enrichment curriculum. This ranges from after school and holiday sessions for extra support in core subjects, through to clubs including debating, computer coding, chess, and many more. We also have a number of competitive sports teams, which have been particularly successful in football and cricket.


Key stage 4 Curriculum

In Years 10 and 11 pupils study a broad range of subjects at GCSE. Pupils will follow a pathway of courses which is personalised to best meet their needs and in which they can maximise their success, enabling progression to further and higher education. All pupils study English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Physical Education and PSHE. They then study three or four of the following subjects:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • ECDL
  • Business Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Physical Education
Subject Periods per week
English 5
Mathematics 5
Science: Biology Chemistry Physics 5
Religious Education 3
Core Physical Education 2
All other subjects 3


Key stage 5 Curriculum

At A level, our options are tailored around the needs of our pupils and the subjects that they wish to study. This includes many of those subjects listed above, plus additional options such as psychology, philosophy, and economics.


Further information

To find out more about any part of the curriculum, please contact the member of staff listed below:

Subject Staff Member Email Address
English Andew Short - Head of English
Mathematics Simon Jebreel - Assistant Principal
Science Roshan Zarrabi - Assistant Principal
Art Vito Drago - Head of Art
Business Studies Cara Clancy - Vice Principal
Drama Laura Spiers - Head of Drama
Geography Peter Edwards - Assistant Principal
History Robert McDonough -Interim Head of History
Modern Languages Trecia Douglas - Head of MFL
Music Francis Green - Head of Music
Physical Education Jubil Kunnassery - Head of Physical Education
Religious Education Seamus Sheridan - Head of RE