Independent Learning

Independent learning, to be done outside of lesson time at home or during after school enrichment sessions, is a key part our curriculum. Pupils will be given independent learning by teachers and must write it in their pupil planner every day.

Taking part in independent learning allows pupils to become responsible for their own learning. By setting independent learning tasks we aim to encourage pupils to:

  • develop the practice of independent study,
  • develop courage and perseverance;
  • involve parents in pupils’ work;
  • allow application of skills and knowledge learned in the classroom through consolidation and extension; and
  • provide opportunities for pupils to develop creative approaches to researching and responding to challenges set

Roles and responsibilities


  • write down independent learning in planner
  • complete independent learning and hand it in on time
  • act upon comments and feedback given by teachers

Any pupil who does not complete independent learning by the deadline given will receive a correction


  • set appropriate independent learning tasks
  • ensure pupils record tasks in their planners
  • mark independent learning task in line with the marking and feedback policy


  • check and sign their child’s planner every week
  • check the completion and quality of independent learning tasks
  • contact teachers with any concerns

Form tutors

  • check and sign their form tutees’ planners every week
  • refer issues and concerns about independent learning to curriculum leaders
  • contact parents about recurring issues relating to independent learning

Curriculum leaders

  • monitor the frequency and appropriateness of independent learning being set by their team
  • sample work from each year group every term and provide feedback to teachers

Heads of year

  • monitor the frequency and appropriateness of independent learning being set within their year group
  • monitor corrections being given for pupils who are not submitting independent learning on time and follow up with parents where necessary

Senior leadership team

  • sample the frequency and appropriateness of independent learning set
  • monitor pupils’ work and responses to feedback during independent learning scrutiny