Student leadership

Student Voice

At Ark Elvin Academy we believe that student voice plays an important role in improving every aspect of school life. We actively seek the opinions and perspectives of our students and ensure they are considered in our decision-making process. Students are involved in numerous aspects of school life and regularly undertake activities such as interviewing of new staff, departmental reviews and focus groups. Constant communication is actively encouraged between students and staff through our pastoral model and Character Development lessons.

We also have two formal ways of involving students in the decisions that affect the education and life at school.

Junior Leadership Team

Students who have been selected based on a rigorous application process are attached to members of the senior leadership team to elicit and feedback student perspectives on how best to make improvements to the school.

School Council

The school council is a democratically elected body which consists of two students from each form been chosen by their peers to represent them at half termly meetings with the Vice Principal. Form representatives are responsible for gathering student ideas, concerns and opinions and presenting these to the school leadership.