Year 9 Pathways Evening Wednesday 23rd January 5pm to 6pm

The Year 9 Pathways Evening will take place on Wednesday, 23rd January at 5pm. Please use the Student Services entrance.

GCSE Results Day

Congratulations to our Year 11s who collected their GCSE results today - we are so proud of you and excited about your next steps - remember you are now Elvin Alumni - so keep in touch and always remember... Dare for Greatness! - Rebecca Curtis, Principal

Khonsu - 'I am happy with my results; sure they could've been better in some areas, but I passed everything and I can't be any happier. I am going to go to City of Westiminister (Paddington) to study Music Performance.' 

Marvyne - ' I feel so happy with my results, I have worked really hard to achieve this; especially with an additional GCSE added on top of the rest of my subjects, I had to sacrifice my time from football, socialising & video games. I was encouraged to attend early morning revision sessions daily to produce the best I can, and thankfully it has paid off. So, as agreed with my family & friends, I am definitely having a bbq and going out to celebrate.' 

Alexandru - 'I am exceptionally happy with my results, they are quite high and they have been higher than I expected. I'm impressed with them and quite happy.'

Dhruvini - 'I'm proud of my results as I've worked hard for them. I'd like to go 6th form and study Psychology, Maths & Spanish at Ark Academy.'

Dilan - 'I feel I've done well in my main subjects, where my efforts have paid off even with the grade boundaries being strict. It has been a challenge balancing a social life with studying; being restrained from outings, social media influnces etc. But, it's all a worthwhile experience. Having a blast today :)! I look forward to studying Physics, Maths, Economics & Computer Science at St Dominic's Sixth Form College.'

Sandra (on the right) - 'I feel relieved that my results aren't as bad as I thought they will be. I'm planning on going 6th form and choosing a professional pathway in Business at King Soloman College and I'm really glad.'

We are extremely delighted with our year 11s today and we wish them the best in their future!