Vision and values

We believe that everyone can achieve greatness; our school motto is magna aude to remind us that we should all dare for greatness. We do this through our core values of integrity, courage, community and mastery, which permeate all that we do.

As a school community this year we will be looking at:

  1. What these values mean to us;
  2. How they can help us to succeed at school and beyond; and
  3. How living these values will help us to contribute to society and to making our school and the world a better place.

Living our values

All pupils and staff live these values in all aspects of school life:

  • We have an unwavering focus on pupil progress.
  • We are passionate about learning and teaching.
  • Our curriculum enables pupils to build deep and transferable knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • We are a language specialist school, with a significant focus on the development of literacy for all pupils, English language skills in pupils who speak other languages and an appreciation of language as a means for communication.
  • We understand the importance of inclusion and standards mastery.  It’s not a question of whether our pupils are going to get it, it’s a question of what we are going to do to get there.
  • All members of staff are data literate and able to systematically and routinely analyse pupil progress and respond accordingly.
  • We instil an aspirational culture where all pupils believe they can succeed at university, or a meaningful alternative, and participate fully in our democratic society.
  • We expect the very highest standards of behaviour and conduct and we establish and maintain strict routines and protocols which allow teachers to teach and learners to learn.
  • We believe that planning, attention to detail and efficiency promote an orderly and positive school environment.
  • We talk about, debate, celebrate and recognise the issues of our world and understand how we can influence change.
  • The school is led by passionate, enthusiastic and determined leaders at all levels, who are solution-focused and determined that every child should succeed.