Pupils return to school Tuesday 21st February 2017

Monday 20th February - Staff Training Day

 Staff Training Day Monday 20th February


Revision Workbook Answers

Here are the answers to the revision workbooks for 11 Amethyst: answers.pdf

Here are the answers for all other sets: answers.pdf


Walking Talking Mock (November 2016)

Here are the worked solutions for the Walking Talking Mock papers from 29/11/16:

Foundation Paper 1 Worked Solutions

Foundation Paper 2 Worked Solutions

Higher Paper 1 Worked Solutions

Higher Paper 2 Worked Solutions


Walking Talking Mock (January 2017)

Here are the worked solutions for the Walking Talking Mock papers from 11/01/17:

Foundation Paper 3 Worked Solutions

Higher Paper 3 Worked Solutions


Practice Papers

Click on the attachment for practice papers and mark schemes. Most of year 11 will be taking the foundation paper: GCSE-Mathematics-2015-SAM.pdf


Maths Watch

We are signed up to the Maths Watch service. This is very useful for pupils as there are videos for every topic, and if you are stuck you can watch them over and over again until you master the topic! There are also worksheets attached to every video clip.

The website is at https://vle.mathswatch.com/vle/. Your teacher should be able to give you your own login details.


KESH Maths

Another useful website is http://keshmaths.com/. Under the GCSE Maths Takeaway link there are real GCSE questions for every topic, by grade, along with video explanations and answers.

Also, check out this link for comprehensive notes on every topic: http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/ks3and4.htm


Themed GCSE practice

Click here for themed sets of GCSE practice questions, with answers



As well as the videos on Maths Watch and on KESH Maths (see above), you can access 'walking talking mock' clips for C grade and A* grade qestions here.