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Admissions policy

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PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Admissions Policy 2021-22

PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Admissions Policy 2020-21

PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Admissions Policy 2019-20




What is an appeal? 
If you applied for a place and were not offered one, you have the right to appeal against this decision. Please note however that appeals can only be upheld in very specific circumstances. It is not a second chance to apply. 

On what grounds can I appeal? 
You are not limited on the grounds on which you base an appeal, however, please be aware that the panel will only uphold an appeal in very specific circumstances. You would need to demonstrate that:
•    the admission arrangements have not been properly followed
•    the admission criteria do not comply with the school admissions code

What does an appeal cost? 
You will not be charged for appealing against the decision not to offer your child a place. However, each appeal costs the school an average of between £150 to £200, which comes out of the resource budget for its pupils.


Year 7 / Year 12 (admission in September 2020) appeals

Appeals for children refused a place at a preferred school for admission to Year 7 / Year 12 in September 2020 will be heard in line with the School Admissions Appeals Code (2012).  

Secondary Offer Date: 2nd March 2020
Deadline for lodging an appeal: 20th April 2020

On-time appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for submitting appeals. Appeals submitted after this date will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being submitted, whichever is the later date.

Parents/carers will be notified of their appeal date by an external agency engaged by the Ark network.

If you wish to appeal for a place in Year 7 / Year 12, please click here for the secondary appeal form.

Please contact the academy if you need a paper form.


Mid-year appeals

Mid-year appeals must be heard within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal. Please click here to lodge an appeal.


Further information

The DfE "Advice for parents and guardians on school admission appeals" can be found here.