Our Sixth Form

We offer a highly successful and accessible route to top universities and apprenticeships through our Professional Pathways programs of study.

For hard working, ambitious pupils who want to go to do great things but don’t think A Levels are right for them, Professional Pathways are a fantastic alternative.


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We offer Professional Pathways


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Our Subjects


IT (5+ GCSE grades are 4 or above including English and maths. Computing or similar GCSE an advantage)

Business (5+ GCSE grades are 4 or above including English and maths)

Sport and Exercise Science (5+ GCSE grades are 4 or above including English, maths and Science. PE or similar an advantage)

Applied Science (5+ GCSE grades are 4 or above including English and maths, 5-5 or above in Science)



We offer Foundation Pathways in:

GCSE Maths and English - retake one or both



At the end of your foundation year you can either leave with your GCSEs and a Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate worth 1 A Level, or you can opt to move on to a Professional Pathway here at Elvin.


What is a Professional Pathway?

A combination of academic qualification and wrap around opportunities to ensure you are well prepared for university or top apprenticeships.

You will study a Level 3 qualification in Applied Science or Sport and Exercise Science (equivalent to 3 A levels).

The course is assessed through both coursework and exams. This offers an alternative to traditional, exam-based A-Levels, which many students prefer.

Professional Pathways students also have exclusive opportunities to engage with top employers and universities who will deliver sessions, workshops and events throughout the course.

Through Ark’s unique work readiness programme, you will develop the essential skills you need to be successful at sixth form and beyond.



What is a Foundation Pathway?

Our Foundation programme dedicated 1 year course for pupils who need to resit GSCE Maths or English

You will study either Maths, English Language or both

Alongside this you will study for a Level 3 qualification, equivalent to 1 A Level, in either ICT or Business Studies.

This means you are not simply repeating Yr 11 – but gaining new skills and knowledge you can use to progress to college, or onto a full Professional Pathway with us in 21-22

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Why Ark Elvin Academy Sixth Form?

Pastoral Support and Guidance

At Elvin we take pastoral support seriously because we know it makes a difference.

Form tutors are an important advocate and source of support throughout pupils’ time

In Sixth Form you will benefit from form time, drop-down experiences and trips and visits that help you apply to great destinations, as well as support for you to manage all the opportunities that come your way.



Develop yourself through The Elvin Honours:

Our enrichment and development program is second to none, deepening your understanding and broadening your perspective – critical for university preparation, it’s also fun!

You’ll have the chance to try work experience, volunteer and give back to the community in Elvin and Wembley, and enjoy trips, visits, lectures and workshops.

At the end of Yr 12 your you’ll have learned more than you can imagine!



As part of the Ark Network we can offer:


Bespoke coaching and preparation for the next step

We offer a number of dedicated support programmes and coaching to prepare for careers in healthcare, courses at top universities and competitive apprenticeships.

Typically this involves some regular coaching, some after school events and some weekend/holiday opportunities to support application to courses and apprenticeships in these fields.



Post 18 Bursaries

A range of bursaries are available for Ark Pupils going on to university.

Starting at £3000 a year for your first year and rising to £10000 a year for the full length of the course, or an UrbanNest apartment rent free for the full length of the course, these bursaries are available to all pupils through competitive application.



Focus on Destinations

At the heart of our provision is our ambition that every pupil is able to access high quality degrees and apprenticeships.

Progression from Professional Pathways across the network is strong and we are building excellent links with universities and apprenticeship providers.

There are a number of very good apprenticeships and science degrees accessible from Professional Pathway Applied Science. Excitingly, more and more universities are opening up competitive courses, such as medicine and dentistry, to pupils with this qualification:

Sport and Exercise Science also has a range of high-quality destinations – including degrees at Bath, Exeter and Nottingham Trent (top of the league for Sport Science).

Contact a.ciombar@arkelvinacademy.org for more information



16 to 19 tuition fund for academic year 2021- 2022

At Ark Elvin Academy we are using the 16-19 ‘catch up’ funding to cover the costs of 1:2:1 tuition for a group of pupils on our Foundation Pathway.

We are targeting pupils 2 grades below a pass in Maths to support a them to be able to secure a 4 in their GCSE exam in the summer.