For all in year admissions:

Applying to Ark Elvin Academy is straightforward. Applications can be made contacting the academy directly. You will need to complete the online in-year application form that can be found here, and if possible send a copy of the following documents:
- Child’s birth certificate
- Child’s passport
- Parent’s passport
- Proof of address (e.g. council tax bill, utility bill, or tenancy agreement)
These can be sent via email to or via post to Ark Elvin Academy - FAO Admissions - Cecil Avenue - London - HA9 7DU.

  • We are full for this academic year (2022-2023) in all year groups.
  • You are welcome to complete the in-year application form to be added to our waiting list. We will get in contact with you as soon as there are spaces available.
  • You can find here the list of all schools in Brent that you can also apply.

Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of their application within 15 school days. If a place is refused the child will be added to the waiting list, the position on the waiting list will be determined according to the oversubscription criteria in the School’s Admissions Policy. If refused a place, the parent/carer has the right to appeal the decision. If you wish to appeal, you can do so here. Before completing the appeal form, please read carefully all the information available and the admissions appeals booklet for parents that can be found in the same page.


For Year 7 students (date of birth between 01/Sep/2011 and 31/Aug/2012), starting in September 2023:

Applications must be made on the Brent Council common application form through the London Borough of Brent Admissions Service. You must apply online through the council’s e-admissions page by clicking here

Alternatively, you can call Brent School Admissions Team on 020 8937 3110 for an application pack, email or write to Brent School Admissions Team, Children and Families Department at Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ. More details are available at the Brent Education website here.


Applications for Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

If you would like to speak to the SENCO prior to making an application, or would like to arrange a visit to the school, please contact Karmel Mohanty at

If your child has an EHCP, please do not apply through the normal route. Instead, speak to your caseworker or contact SENAS. Your caseworker will then send a formal consultation to the SENCO at Ark Elvin. Once we have received the consultation we will arrange to meet with you and your child to discuss the support that we are able to provide and if Ark Elvin is a suitable placement for your child. We will respond directly to your caseworker and inform you of the outcome within 15 days of receiving the consultation.

This process applies to all applications for children with an EHCP to any year group (including sixth form) - whether you are applying for year 7 or year 12 entry, or a mid-year transfer.


Applications for Children with SEND

If you would like to find out more about the provision at Ark Elvin for SEND, or if your child is due to start at Ark Elvin and received support in their previous school, please contact Karmel Mohanty at to discuss your child's needs. At Ark Elvin we care greatly about seeing every pupil and supporting them to be successful. This information helps us to make sure your child has the support they need.

If your child has an EHCP, please see the section 'Applications for Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)'.


If you need further information about the admissions process, please contact us at:

Address: Cecil Avenue, Wembley, HA9 7DU
Admissions Officer: Ms Riano
Telephone: 020 8902 6362 ext.223

If you would like to discuss any admissions queries, please visit the school on Wednesdays from 10 am to 1 pm and the Admissions Officer will be available to meet you.