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Ark Elvin Academy Curriculum Intent Statement

How our school's curriculum is designed to meet the needs of Elvin pupils in our context to ensure that no pupil's future is dictated by their past.

Ark Elvin Academy Curriculum Intent - Assessment

Formatively assessing our pupils throughout the year allows for responsive teaching – using the mastery approach teachers are confident when re-teaching and revisiting knowledge to develop pupils’ mental models. Departments coordinate their formative assessment at the end of Autumn and Spring terms across year groups to infer where pupils are in relation to where they should be – and to be responsive with teaching as a consequence. Accurate summative assessment sampling the work completed over a year – with reference to work completed in previous years – allows inferences about attainment and progress to be made, which are shared with parents.

Types of Assessment 

Three different types of assessment are used at Ark Elvin Academy:

  1. Formative assessment - responsive teaching
  2. Coordinated formative assessment - hinge points
  3. Summative assessments - End of Year Assessments 

Different types of assessments are used at different times and with different purposes - this will vary depending on the year group. The outcome/reporting will also vary depending on the particular group.

Assessment Documents

A summary of our different methods of assessment can be found here: PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Assessment Intent - Summary.

The detail of the thinking behind our different methods of assessment can be found here: PDF iconArk Elvin Academy Assessment Intent - detailed thinking behind our use of assessment.