What is enrichment?


Enrichment is the name given to the clubs, sports clubs and activities that run beyond the standard school timetable - this is part of our enriched curriculum to give our pupils the chance to take part in a broad range of activities and to develop expertise in a particular sport or skill. 


What kind of enrichment opportunities are available?


There is a wide range of different ty pes of activities for pupils to take part in, focused around sport, the arts, academic and wider enrichment opportunities. The clubs are shown in the table below:

Sporting The Arts Academic Wider Enrichment Opportunities 
Badmington (All)    

Basketball (All)

Boxing (KS5)

Cricket (All)

Football (All)
Gym Club (All)

Netball (Yr 7 and 8)

Open Sports Hall (All)

GCSE PE Practice (KS4)

QPR - Football (KS3 and 4 Girls)

Trampolining (Year 7 and 8 Girls)

Art Enrichment (All) 

Elvin Big Band (All)

Elvin Singers (Choir)

Open Music Studio and Practice Rooms (KS4)

Steel Pans (Year 7)


EAL Film Club (All)    

Geography Club (All)

Hegarty Maths Club (all)

History Club (all)

Mathletics (KS4)

Anime and Manga Club (KS4)    

Chess Club (All)

Coding Club (All)

Cosmetics Science Club (All)

Debating (All)

Esports Club (all)

Philosophy Club (All)

When do the clubs run? 


Please see the document below for when the clubs run and our Performing Arts Enrichment Timetable. 

Enrichment Timetable Autumn 2021

Performing Arts Enrichment Timetable Autumn.pdf


Who should I contact for further information?


If you have an urgent enquiry, please ring the main school number. For information about specific enrichments, please contact the following people:

Sporting enrichments - Mr Kunnassery j.kennassery@arkelvinacademy.org

Arts enrichments - Ms Green f.green@arkelvinacademy.org 

Academic and Wider enrichment opportunities - Mr Cook p.cook@arkelvinacademy.org 


Other information 


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