Elvin Edition

The Elvin Edition is a student produced, student governed magazine. It began in 2014 at the very beginning of the academic year. It is headed by Mr Edwards, who conducts the meetings and makes approvals for each issue. There are 5 sections, covering, not only events and issues within the school, but also events outside. From submissions from the students, to book reviews and current affairs stories, the magazine covers an extraordinary range, showing and promoting student awareness of things beside themselves. It has received universal praise from it's readers, a response that far surpassed the expectations of the members. The bi-monthly magazine continues to be an emblem of achievement and mastery at Ark Elvin Academy, and a true representation of what a little grit and passion can create.
To anyone who wants to submit for the last issue of the term, send an email to elvinedition@gmail.com. We accept almost anything* - short stories, poetry, photography, drawings, articles... love letters, you name it!

*As long as it's age appropriate, of course


Elvin editions

Please click the links below for our editions so far. We hope you enjoy them!

Issue 2.pdf

Issue 3.pdf



Sebastian Atkinstall is the Editor - he designs the magazine, decides what goes in, and also writes some of the articles. He is also the photographer, and provides most of the photos in each issue. He loves literature and spends much of his free time reading, writing and watching films. 
Syed Haque is one of the writer-journalists - he writes most of the sports comments, and has a huge love of football and mathematics.
Lourdita Remedios is a writer, and has helped a lot in the past with advertising -  she wants to be an editor of a real magazine editor one day.
Joseph Yambasu is a writer - he is also a  voracious reader and enjoys writing in his spare time. He wants to be an accountant.