We are working hard to ensure that our provision during lockdown is safe for your child to attend and our staff to facilitate. Social distancing will be insisted on at all times in school. This means that:

Community Classrooms and Year 10 lessons

  • Pupils will wash their hands on entry to the building and throughout the school day
  • They will be checked for covid symptoms and have their temperature taken at the start of each day
  • They will be in a classroom with no more than 12 children at any one time and will not mix with any other pupils while they are in the school building
  • There will not ever be more than a quarter of the year group in the school building at one time
  • At break time they will be in an area of outdoor space with the same 12 pupils and will have to socially distance at all times
  • The building has had a full deep clean and we will have a team of cleaners on site throughout the school day keeping the spaces used by pupils and staff clean
  • During this time all meetings with parents will happen by telephone to reduce the number of visitors into the school building
  • The shortened school day will start at 10am and finish at 3pm so that pupils can avoid the busiest times on the roads
  • The senior leadership team will be providing support throughout the school day to ensure that these measures are enforced at all times.

Year 7 to 9 one-off form sessions

  • Your child will be learning in a group of no more than 12 pupils in the classroom​
  • Your child will not come into contact with any other children whilst in the school building and will remain in one classroom throughout​​
  • Your child will be met on arrival by a senior member of staff who will ensure each child does not have covid symptoms, will check their temperature and oversee them wash their hands thoroughly
  • If your child has worn a mask to school they will be given a plastic bag and shown how to safely remove it and store it for use on their return journey​
  • The whole school has been deep cleaned and we have on-site cleaning staff maintaining the highest cleaning standards throughout the day​
  • All staff and pupils will maintain a 2m distance throughout their time in school​​
  • The children will be taught the importance of social distancing and how to keep safe in school and out​
  • If any child deliberately breaks the social distancing rules they will be removed by senior leadership team and their parents contacted immediately.

Coronavirus flow chart