You will find useful information on this page regarding the Year 6 to 7 Transition for pupils starting Year 7 in September 2022.




Tuesday 6th September 2022

One to one meeting with pupil's form tutor. Pupils should attend in full Ark Elvin school uniform at their assigned time.

Parents will be emailed their assigned time.

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Induction Day

Start: 09:00

End: 15:00

Thursday 8th September 2022 onward Normal School Day

Start: 08:20

End: 15:30

Summer Holiday Homework

Summer holiday homework will be given out at our Taster Day on Friday 8th June. You can also download a copy here. We would like children to spend one to two hours a week (for three weeks of the Summer) completing their homework. They will need an exercise book or pad of paper to complete the tasks. They must bring their completed work with them on their first day of school.


Our school uniform is designed to allow pupils to dress in a professional manner. Wearing the uniform correctly is a very important part of belonging to the Ark Elvin Academy community and pupils must be dressed in the appropriate way. All pupils must use an official Ark Elvin Academy bag. This can either be the academy branded rucksack or book bag.  See all items of our uniform at

Uniforms and school bags can be bought from Ace Clothing, 5A Courtenay Road, East Lane Business Park, East Lane, Wembley, HA9 7ND. Purchases can also be made on their website

Learning Equipment

Every day, pupils must bring to school with them:

  • Exercise books needed for that day
  • Pupil planner – This will be provided to pupils on the first day of school
  • Reading book
  • PE kit (on the days that they have PE) in an Ark Elvin PE bag
  • Clear pencil case with two blue or black pens, a green pen, two highlighters, two pencil sharpeners
  • Ruler, calculator and maths equipment
  • We also encourage pupils to have the following equipment with them:
    • A plain mask (unless you would prefer your child not to wear a mask in communal areas at school) with no logos on in a school uniform colour: Black, grey, white or purple
    • A water bottle

Ark Elvin branded pencil cases can be purchased from reception in September.

Pupil Details and Documents

If you have not already done so, please complete our pupil detail form at so that we have the most accurate information about your child.

Do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school soon.