2021 Manga Drawing Competition Winners Announced

Thursday 10 June 2021

2021 Manga Drawing Competition Winners Announced

Before the half term break, pupils were invited to submit their artwork to the library’s annual Manga Drawing Competition. Every year, pupils compete by creating artwork inspired by their favourite manga.

This year, pupils really impressed the judges with their artistic skill, creativity and efforts.

What is Manga?

Manga is an umbrella term used to describes comic books or graphic novels originally produced and published in Japan. Style and content can vary between titles and genres.

Manga differs from comics or graphic novels published in the UK in a few ways. Manga is nearly always printed in black and white, and readers read the book from right-to-left, rather than from left-to-right.

For more information, the librarians at the New York Public Library have written this helpful Beginners Guide to Manga.


The Results

This year, because of a higher number of entries, in addition to a whole school winner, there were also year-group winners and runners-up. Please see the results below.


Whole School Winner: Reul Appleby (Year 9)

Year 7 Winner: Dzina Biloum

Year 8 Winner: Hinda Osman

Year 9 Winner: Reuel Appleby

Year 10 Winner: Dale Batista

The full results, including the runners-up and all their artwork, can be found below here:

Congratulations to everyone who took part. We eagerly anticipate the artwork that will be produced next year.