AfroCelt Sound System at the Barbican Centre - 21st November

Tuesday 28 November 2017

On Tuesday 21st November, the GCSE students from Year 10 and 11 went to see AfroCelt Sound System at the Barbican Centre. This was particularly exciting as one of their GCSE set works they are studying was performed for them. Please find a review by one of the students attached. The band were also supported by the Dhol Foundation which were a great to see live. We are looking forward to seeing more live Music throughout the GCSE course.

Review of AfroCelt Sound System

The Afrocelt sound system concert was hosted at the Barbican Centre on Tuesday the 21st November. The main theme of the gig was the fusion of different styles, cultures and genres of music collaborated to create a fusion sound of music. The four main styles of music was; indian, west African, Irish and western music.

There were different types of instruments incorporated in the gig to present the fusion like sonority of the music played. Exampes of the instruments were: the kora, the djembe, the villean pipes, the fiddle and many others. One of the songs played was called ‘release’ had a 4/4 metre and the tonality was in C major.

I personally think that the gig was enjoyable and fun to watch. It was good to listen to the different types of musical cultures merged into a successful fusion. Furthermore, the humour made it all the more enjoyable to watch as it kept the audience entertained throughout the gig.


By Marvyne Ouraga, Year 11 GCSE Music student.