Ark Elvin celebrates Black History Month - Six pupils deliver inspired speeches & poems at breaktime

Friday 08 October 2021

On Monday, the staff and students at Ark Elvin took a moment to celebrate the start of Black History month.

During our moment of celebration six nominated students read the poem, Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou.

'We feel that this is important so that all members of our community can better understand the struggles of black people from the past.

Moments like these raises awareness for how we (black people) stood up and took control of the situation in the past, and how we can do again.


For many years in schools and education the focus has been so much on White British history at the expense Black History, and when we do study Black History too much of the focus is on the negatives; such as slavery, but not on the good things such as black royalty and black activism, for example Harriet Tubman & etc.

It's important that we educate the younger generation about the equality of all humanity, and the challenges that have been overcome by past generations as well as still being faced by current people.'

Names of the students:

Ayomide Anyia

Shennell Woolley

Aiyana Nelson-Mitchell

Dorcas Kensese

Keya Shaw

Lenae Green