Beautiful Books from students studying Modern Foreign Languages

Monday 03 February 2020

We are proud of our students' beautiful books from MFL. Examples have been displayed below:

Year 10 have been working on describing holidays in a number of tenses, including the perfect, imperfect and pluperfect. This has elevated their narration of past events by adding richness and variety to their expression in French.

Year 9 students who were new to French in September have been learning to tell the time and how to describe aspects of the school day, including their subjects and teachers. Pupils have quickly got to grips with this complex topic, something which is reflected in the accuracy of their work.

Year 11 have spent this term honing their skills in written French. Students completed a practice writing paper ahead of their full mocks in January. Pupils used a variety of tenses and grammatical structures to add depth to their responses, seamlessly linking paragraphs with time phrases. Well done Year 11!