Beautiful Performing Arts workbooks & character exploration in Drama

Tuesday 24 September 2019

In Year 11 pupils studying the BTEC performing arts have completed coursework on their three chosen musicals and plays.

Through their portfolios, pupils had to demonstrate their knowledge of the styles and genre of each performance; investigating the themes, creative intentions and the interrelationships between professional practitioners.

Pupils explored their performances by attending theatre trips and participating in workshops throughout year 10. The year 11 pupils also had to give their own thoughts on the performances, as well as a log of their exploration. Then, they had to complete a comparison of all three performances.

In year 9 pupils were set the task of researching world renown theatre practitioner Stanislavsky; identifying his naturalistic style and method of acting.

In year 8, pupils have been exploring the style of Melodrama in their Drama classes, identifying stock characters and exaggerated movements; using facial expression, body language and levels. In the pictures below we captured a few of them showcasing this.