Budding Elvin Engineers visit Alstom Train Care Centre

Tuesday 01 March 2016

On 10th February, our year 12 Physics students went to the Alstom depot in Wembley to see engineering in action.

Shangar writes:

“Alstom is a train care centre and manufactures modern day trains such as the Virgin Pendolino. The experience gave us a fantastic opportunity to see how the physics we learn in class is used in engineering industries like Alstom is a train care centre. We were given a tour of the centre and got up close to the wheels of the trains and also saw how the engineers at Alston repair the wheels. We also learnt how important safety is in the engineering industry as we had to wear safety hats and shoes. For me personally the best part of the trip was learning about the industrial machines and their uses. To top this off we were allowed to sit in the drivers area of the Virgin Pendolino and we were also shown how the drivers operate the trains.”

Nikita adds:

“I really enjoyed the trip to Alstom Train Care Centre, on which we learned that much of our classroom learning could be applied to the real world. We were also able to see the extraordinary mechanical process; of which train wheels undergo to be fixed when damaged. Furthermore for me the highlight of the trip was being able to go to the driver’s cabin, where we looked at how most of the controls worked. Overall it was a great experience.”