The Careers Panel held on Friday 6th March was a success for our Year 7 - 10 students to answer career related questions

We were excited and grateful to be hosting our careers panel for Year 7 to 10 in our Assembly Hall. We had 3 former Alumni happy to contribute this year too.

The Guest Speakers for the Panel.

Their names and titles are shown below each photo.

Scientist - Tamara Boltersdorf

Economist & Startup Founder Company (Part time Lecturer) – Leon Ibafeymi

Scientist (Business Owner) - Bisi Udatayo (On the Right)

ENO Musician – Poppy Harrison (In the middle)

Sports Scientist (Arsenal) – Wesley Fox 

Head of Signalling (Engineer) at ALSTOM – Keith Attwood

University Student (Alumni) - Daniel Headlam

Personal Trainer – Balaz P


The other set of Guest Speakers:

Teacher & Former Scientist – Dr Falak Iqbal

Accountant (Alumni) – Adeel Hussien

Teacher & Former Doctor (Alumni) – Dr Alka Mepani

Thank you to all of our guests and teachers who participated.