Copland Community School to get fresh start as ARK Elvin Academy

Friday 29 August 2014

The Principal, Annabel Bates, has announced that the new name of Copland Community School will be ARK Elvin Academy when it becomes an ARK academy in September 2014.

The name is in honour of Arthur Elvin, a local man who helped build the original Wembley Stadium and helped stage the 1948 Olympic Games. He was also a war veteran having been shot down over France during the First World War and was a prisoner of war for two years. He was a former paperboy and the son of a policeman.

“The staff and pupils at Copland that I worked with to select the name told me they chose ARK Elvin because he was local to the Wembley area and had an inspirational story,” said Ms Bates. “They also liked the way it sounded. We have high ambitions for every pupil at our school, we want them to be able to build a career that is as successful as Arthur Elvin’s. Our ambition is for every pupil to get good enough results to be able to leave school and go to university or pursue their career of choice.”

Who was Arthur Elvin?

If it wasn’t for Sir Arthur ‘Ginger’ Elvin MBE, son of a policeman who was born in 1899 in Norwich, but later moved to West London, there may not have been a Wembley to transf

orm into an Olympic stadium.

Arthur Elvin left school at 14, and later joined the Royal Flying Corps during WW1. He was shot down over France and was a prisoner of war for two years.

In 1924 he was working at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in a kiosk. The next year he bought his own shops within the grounds. He later bought Wembley stadium and sold it for shares, becoming the largest stakeholder and chairman of Wembley Stadium.

He went on to help stage the 1948 Olympic Games, and received a knighthood for his efforts. This was the second occasion that London had hosted the Olympics and the first of the games to be televised.

A record 59 nations were represented by 4,104 athletes, 3,714 men and 390 women, Great Britain won 23 medals, three of them gold.