Drama career workshops with the Kiln Theatre

Friday 15 March 2019

On Friday 1st March pupils were invited to a backstage careers workshop with the Kiln theatre.

Pupils were given the opportunity to explore theatre careers such as lighting, sound and stage management.

During the sound workshop pupils explored the science behind the sound equipment, such as the electromagnetic microphones. Pupils were able to use the equipment to explore how to create sound effects, moving from one speaker to another such as a car driving past, playing loud music.

Pupils explored the role ever demanding career of the stage manager. How many different roles the stage manager has during a production including knowing all the lighting, sound, pyrotechnics, and props places to ensure the smooth running of the show. Pupils were able to write out the stage directions whilst also practicing their performance skills. Which is one on the many jobs of the stage manager during a production rehearsal.

The lighting workshop allowed pupils to explore the stage of the newly refurbished Kiln theatre, identifying their many lights such as their Parcans, Gobos, Fresnels, and spotlights. Pupils were able to use the ‘moving head’ lights in order to program the lights for the Kiln theatre stage.