The Drama department is excited to begin collaboration with the Old Vic Theatre

Monday 14 October 2019

On Thursday 3rd October, year 10 BTEC performing arts pupils went to the prestigious theatre of the Old Vic, to watch the ground breaking new play, A Very Expensive Poison. Based on the book by Luke Harding of the same name.

There is a shocking assassination in the heart of London, in a bizarre mix of high-stakes global politics and radioactive villainy, a man pays with his life. A Very Expensive Poison sent pupils careering through the shadowy world of international espionage from Moscow to Mayfair.

The collaboration with the Old Vic, Schools club allows Elvin pupils to work with professionals from the performing arts industry as well as having access to four plays and performances throughout the year. The collaboration will give pupils an insight into the performing arts industry and a chance to explore the different career paths they can follow.

Miss Spiers, Head of Drama