Eight Year 9 pupils took part in the National Indoor Rowing Competition in the Olympic Park

Monday 09 March 2020

Mr Sroka took 8 students from Year 9 to the National Indoor Rowing Competition at the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park.

All students entered individual races where they had to row as far as they could in 4 minutes.

They also took part in relay sprint races...

Boys Relay Race:

Elvin boys put in maximum effort in the relay race. It was a very close race all the way through the race. At one point, Elvin boys were in the top eight. In the end, they managed to beat six other academies who entered the race in their box.

Girls Relay Race:

Elvin girls performed superbly in their race. They showed genuine resilience when completing the 2000m race despite entering the race as a team of 2 when other schools have entered as a team of 4. The race was very close. In the end, Girls came in 10th place out of 16.

Throughout the day, there were a lot stands and activities that students could get involved with.

The boys have massively impressed the Anti-Doping Advisor with their level of knowledge on different performance enhancing drugs and the effects that they have learnt in KS3 curriculum.  Massively Well Done!