Elvin staff prepare for pupils' return

Sunday 28 September 2014

All staff at ARK Elvin Academy have been completing a fortnight of training and preparation for the return of our pupils from this Monday. The two weeks have been a valuable opportunity for staff to ensure that the pupils will be coming back into a new school with everything ready to maximise learning. The sessions have focussed on how to embed the ARK Elvin Academy values of integrity, courage, community, and mastery, making sure we have high expectations and a commitment to quality and learning in everything that we do.

The largest proportion of time has been devoted to developing classroom practice, as we are committed to always improving the learning that happens in our lessons. Routines and systems for ensuring that behaviour in lessons and around the academy is positive were also developed and shared. This included teachers practicing for themselves the lining up that pupils will do on a daily basis!

The Elvin staff have all felt that these two weeks have been invaluable in improving the way the school and lessons will run when pupils return. Teachers in the maths department commented that the training was “not stereotypical but very informative, encouraging and to the point. Staff can adopt it in simple ways to develop good practice in the classroom. The training has reinforced positive values, building bridges and community spirit to turn things around”. These sentiments were echoed by the head of science, who said that “I am really impressed by the positivity which has underpinned all of the training sessions so far. Everybody is keen to embrace ARK Elvin's values and we are all looking forward to putting the strategies which we have learnt into practice when the students return”.