Fourth Annual Elvin Remembrance Ceremony

Thursday 11 November 2021

On Thursday 11 November, the Elvin community marked Remembrance Day with a flag raising ceremony to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we have today.

During the previous two weeks, students had the opportunity to explore the purpose of remembrance in assemblies, learning about the Sikh soldier Manta Singh who sacrificed his life to save his friend at the Battle of Neuve-Chapelle in 1914.

Each form group also created a poppy with their own remembrance message, displayed on a wreath for each year group. The week culminated in Ark Elvin’s memorial ceremony, in which representatives from the student body: Diniz Torres, Marcu Tipa, Bradley De Braganca,  Angelo Hoti, Delissa Dorman and School Council President Mya Ashbourne laid the wreaths at the school flag.

The entire school then observed an impeccable minute’s silence, taking time to remember those who have been, and those who still are, affected by conflict.

The humanities department ran a Remembrance Poem competition and the selected poem winner and runner-ups is below:


Winner: Deborah Mundele, 10 Bunker

The price for life 

The price for life a phrase we have heard before,

The price for life paid by the men in war,

A phrase that worries us, has us in fear,

A phrase that many of us don’t want to hear,

The cost of life to many is cheap,

The cost of life causes many to weep.

Soldiers dying, soldiers crying,

Soldiers sighing, soldiers trying -

Trying to make the most of life that remains,

Feeling hopeless and pain in their veins,

But they still fight 

Day till night 

In order for the light to shine down on us,

Sacrificed their lives without a fuss,

Away from family, closer to an edge,

Defeat the enemies that they pledge,

The price for life has been paid with deaths

They paid the price with their final breaths.


Runner up: Alisha Izuogu, 8 Sharp

Remembrance Day is in November

It surely is a day to remember

We remember those who fought in times of war

They probably didn’t know what they were made for

It’s on the 11th month of the 11th day of the 11th hour

It’s the day World War One ended, remembered by a flower

This flower’s called a poppy, they grew on battlefields

Many stepped forward and sacrificed their all

And the amount of people that died certainly wasn’t small

The least we can do is show our gratitude because,


Remembrance Day is a day to reflect

All the people that died in conflict

‘It surely is a day to remember.’


Runner up: Sireen Khair, 7 Hardman

Once on a battlefield

People held out their shields

They would fight, fight, fight

With all their might, might, might


The screams of dying soldiers filled the air

The putrid smell of smoke filled their noses

The deafening sounds of gunshots filled their ears

And yet they still carried on fighting for peace


We will remember those who fought

Those who risked their lives for peace

To put the future generations at ease


We will remember those who left their families

To risk their lives for war

So they could put a stop to this once more


We will remember you.