Great examples of online work

Friday 29 January 2021

Great Examples of Digital Literacy

Great Examples of History Work

1) Sayma in 7 Monroe has brought together her historical knowledge of the Black Death and language analysis skills to explain one possible meaning of the nursery rhyme ‘Ring around the rosie’.


2) Elizabeth-Rose in 9 Bunker has done a fantastic job of using OneNote to annotate an historian’s interpretation of how the Munich Putsch helped Hitler come to power.  She has then weighed up the arguments for and against this opinion to come to her own justified conclusion in a PEEL paragraph.

3) Ruchika in 9 Wanasingha has written an essay on the main reason for Hitler’s rise to power that follows a clear structure and maintains a justified line of argument throughout.

4) Khubayb in 11 Nuezca has used two historians’ interpretations alongside his own detailed knowledge to discuss the impact of Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938.  He has then used feedback to re-draft and improve a section of his essay.


Great Examples of RE Work

Below we have Juan from 9 Mc Donough's class who produced this online essay which included a fully explained point; appraising the arguments she had chosen and in her conclusion, she has used a great piece of evidence to justify her view that all human lives are equal.



Great Examples of MFL Work

Tia Dourado in 7 Monroe wrote a letter as part of her French lesson and it is just excellent.

In this letter, Tia writes in a formal French register. She describes to me her typical school day and which subjects she takes. She then goes on to say that science and French are her favourite subjects but she notes that she thinks drama is fantastic and she loves it. Her least favourite subject is PE because it can be tiring! She then lists everything you can find in her school bag and in her pencil case. Her grammar is wonderful and she has mastered the art of letter writing in French!

Great Examples of Science Work

Year 8 pupils Kyrell and Mustafa took part in this recorded lesson recording the speed of sound with Mr Wilson.



Exemplar work from Maida in Year 11 below.


Sodium fluoride


Below we have beautiful writing about the digestive system from Valanka, Y7

A fantastic poster on metal ion flame colours from Yasmin, Y11

The revision notes below was made by Ifrah Rage (11-Patel). Ifrah used the recent half term break to consolidate her learning of the Magnetism/Electromagnetism topic which was taught in Spring 1. Ifrah has expressed that she is keen to demonstrate her commitment to doing well in her GCSEs and wants her teachers to be in no doubt about this when deciding her final grade. Ifrah will continue to produce revision notes which she will regularly upload to Class Notebook.

Ifrah has embodied the Elvin values of Mastery and Integrity - for which she has been awarded merits and SOTW.


Great Examples of Maths Work

These lovely examples of maths work have been submitted by Ms Denteh & Mr Corish.

Year 8 Organ



Year 8 Jere


Year 9 Bunker




Year 11 Admaths XA-1

An example below of great maths work done by a year 7 student during a pre recorded lesson. The student has set themselves up for success by underlining the date and title of the lesson and drawing a neat margin. The student  has neatly put a box around the important learning for the lesson and has written along the lines, The student has also underlined the heading s for the sub sections clearly defining the different parts of the lesson.

Year 8 


Online English Lessons: Four Great Examples of Work from Elvin Scholars

This is a story written by a student in their Grammar lesson.

Extended writing from Rodanti, 11 Nuezca - A Pre-Recorded lesson on Stave 4 of A Christmas Carol




Annotations in Class Notebook from Eda, 11 Patel - A LIVE lesson on Stave 4 of A Christmas Carol



A LIVE lesson on Act 1 of The Tempest - Kisha, 8 Organ