International Women's Day 2022

Thursday 10 March 2022

Thank you to all of our fabulous guests attending our International Womens Day 2022 event on Tuesday 8th March. To inspire students and raise aspirations by introducing them to different successful women in STEM careers.

Opening and Presentations began, then each guest speaker introduced themselves.

Asmita Thapa - A Scientist at Benevolent AI based in Cambridge Labs

Eric Oliveira - Biomedical scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research

Reda Stankunaite - PhD student at The Centre for Molecular Pathology – Cancer Research

Adepeju Oshisaya - Director of Clinical Programme Management Benevolent AI

Serena Barker Singh  - Reporter and Producer at Channel 4 News

Erica Wax - Founder of Impact 100 London - a Women’s Charity

Dr. Laura Jane Smith - Consultant in Respiratory medicine

Bilyana Balkanska – The Education Administrator at Capgemini