Leading educationalist visits ARK Elvin

Sunday 28 September 2014

ARK Elvin Academy was delighted to welcome Doug Lemov, a leading educationalist and internationally renowned author, to the school last Tuesday to deliver training to a group of school leaders and CPD leads.
Mr Lemov, who has been visiting from the United States, is the author of Teach Like a Champion, which has been described as “one of the most influential and helpful books that any teacher ever owns”. He is also an expert on how best to train teachers and other professionals to become outstanding practitioners, which is the subject of his latest book Practice Perfect.

During his day at ARK Elvin, Mr Lemov was training head teachers and teacher training leaders – including our own Ms Bayes and Ms Khokhar – from across the country in how best to develop their teachers. He also spent time with our Senior Leadership Team discussing ARK Elvin’s own staff training programme, commenting that ‘it sounds amazing’. We look forward to inviting Mr Lemov to visit us again when lessons are up and running!