Littleton Chambers hosts the Year 11 Law Careers Event at Elvin

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Last week, Year 11 pupils took part in a Law Careers event put together by Law firm Littleton Chambers, a Leading Barristers' Chambers specialising in Commercial, Employment, Disciplinary & Regulatory, Public & Sports Law.

The Littleton Chambers team gave an insight into the law industry, practises in the court room and career paths within the industry. All five of the Littleton Chambers team have important individual roles and they spoke about their day to day tasks.

Then, the Year 11 audience played their part as jury in a mock-up trial where five of our guest dressed in outfits to suit the scenaro of a real case. At the end of the trial the jury casted their verdict. 

We would like to thank the team again for taking the time to see us. For more information about the firm visit their website at