Pupils impress at Shakespeare Schools Festival

Tuesday 01 March 2016

In November a group of Elvin pupils performed at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as part of Ark’s Shakespeare Schools Festival. The pupils worked very hard in rehearsals, and performed brilliantly. Malgorzata, a leading cast member, writes this report:

”Our cast had the pleasure to perform 'The Tempest' and watch other Ark Schools perform different Shakespeare plays. From rehearsal to changing in dressing rooms to an actual performance: we had the opportunity to feel like professional actors and actresses.

'The Tempest' is a very interesting play. It's set on island called Milan where a bad magician, and rightful duke of Milan, Prospero (played by Malgorzata F) and his beloved daughter Miranda (Hetvi M) are living alongside the awful slave of Propsero, Caliban (Ritik   H). Prospero is trying to get his dukedom back from his brother Alonso (Satura H) the usurping duke of Milan,  so he creates a bad tempest with the help of his spirit, Ariel ( Hitaxi M and Nehal B). As the ship sinks Alonso (Mehul G) the king of Naples, Sebastian (Tiara B) the brother of Prospero, Antonio, Ferdinand the son of Alonso,  Boatswain (Ikram A), the Mariners (Yousra A and  Emiola B) Gonzalo ( Kamar A) an honest old counsellor, Francisco (Denisa C) the lord attending Antonio, Trinculo (Michael A) the jester and Stephano (Joshua O) the drunken butler split across the sea and later on they find each other on the island except for Stephano, Trinculo and Ferdinand. Trinculo and Stephano found each other on the other part of island while 'befriending' Caliban.  Ferdinand was wandering elsewhere on the island after the voice of Ariel. There he met Miranda and fell in love with her, Prospero as a good father was testing Ferdinand for a while to see if he is worth his daughter's love but then after Ferdiand passed the test he allowed them two to marry.  When everybody reunited  Prospero got his dukedom back from Antonio and gave up his powerful magic.

We received a wave of applause that made us all smile from ear to ear despite limited rehearsal time we got positive feedback. We were very stressed at the beginning but overcame the stress as we stepped into the scene and performed beautifully! It was real Magna Aude.”

Well done to all the cast members, and to Miss Spiers, for all their hard work.