"Raise Intervention - 12th December

Tuesday 19 December 2017

On Tuesday 12th December, we hosted our 1st Question time “RAISE” event. RAISE is an acronym for Raising Aspirations through Inspiration and Self-Empowerment. We invited a number of professionals that have achieved excellence in their field as we believe that they make excellent role models for our target group of young black pupils. The participating pupils fully engaged in the event and provided feedback detailing how they have been impacted by the powerful testimonies shared at the event.

'The panellists were very awe-inspiring and I felt they truly devoted their time in order to inform us; it's not everyday we get chances like these. It was very relatable knowing they all got to great places in their lives coming from similar backgrounds and through struggles I may face...' - Khalil

'I learnt to always strive for the best and never quit. Also to always beat those who are higher than you. - Mohamed

'I learnt how to become someone big and to love your future self.' - Nazareth 

Patrice Johnson - Bignell

KS4 Pastoral Support Leader