Science club takes off!

Monday 08 December 2014

The science faculty recently launched the KS3 Science Club. Each member of the science faculty runs a session after school every Tuesday with the purpose of motivating and enthusing students towards a love of science. Ann Humphreys, our senior technician, diligently prepares equipment and chemicals for the science club as well as suggesting inspirational experiments to perform. So far, our students have enjoyed doing flame tests, making gliders and marbling milk. Students thoroughly enjoy the practical work as well learning about the science behind the fun experiments they carry out. We hope to introduce more challenges and, in time, develop the investigative skills of our students with project work as well as invite speakers to the Science Club through our links with STEMNET. All staff members are most welcome to come along to see what we do.

Here's what pupils have had to say:

"I like science because I can do experiments and do challenges. I feel so great. I can learn to do things and there is lots and lots to do. I feel like coming every day."

"I like the Science Club because it is a source of fun and knowledge. It makes us more intelligent in science. Our lovely teachers give us reasons why the experiments work. It is very exciting too because when we come every Tuesday we think about what new knowledge we will learn today. The club makes us passionate towards the subject."

"I like science club because we do fun experiments but we still learn. We learn different things every week. This is a rare opportunity. These teachers have given up their time to teach us so we can be even better. This helps people who want to do a science related job so this will help us in the future too."