Spring Term ends on a high with Elvin’s Got Talent 2016

Thursday 16 June 2016

On Wednesday the 23rd of April, pupils from Ark Elvin Academy showcased their talents in the second Elvin's got Talent competition.  The annual event is a highlight for many of our pupils as it is an opportunity to perform and celebrate their broad interests and skills.

The talents on display were as diverse as our pupil body ranging from singers, pianists, drummers, dancers, beatboxers, rappers and a spoken word poet. Pupils had been rehearsing for weeks in order to perfect their performances in time for the big day. There was a great team effort from every house with pupils performing from Year 7 to Year 10. Teams of pupils from each house helped to get their teams ready with costumes, banners, face paint and coloured accessories so the audience could get behind their teams.

The afternoon itself was truly enjoyable. Not only were the different performances a pleasure to watch, but our pupils displayed great community spirit and integrity by supporting all the performers who had the courage to get on stage (whether they were in their house or not).

Competition was fierce, as house points were available for the top 3 performances. This year's house competition is closer than ever and it showed through the dedication and practice that students put into their performances. Congratulations to the following houses for impressing the judges and indeed to all our performers who embodied the spirit of' Magna Aude':

1st place: Mandela House               

2nd place: Angelou House                

3rd place: Malala House