Third Annual Elvin Remembrance Ceremony

Wednesday 11 November 2020

On Wednesday 11th the Elvin community came together to commemorate those who had given their lives in conflict, and to remember those who are still affected by ongoing wars.

In the previous week students had the opportunity to explore the purpose of remembrance in our online assemblies, learning the story of the five Smith brothers, all who perished during the First World War. It is a stark reminder of the impact that war can have on families and communities.

Each form group also created a ‘poppy’ with their collective ideas on who they will be thinking of during this time of national memorial. The remembrance events culminated in Ark Elvin’s third memorial ceremony, in which Student President Molly Goddard, Student Vice-President Layla Mohamed, Lenae Green, Reuel Appleby, Hinda Osman and Marcu Tipa laid wreaths at the school flag, representing the Sixth Form and year groups at the academy.

The entire school then observed an impeccable minute’s silence, taking time to remember those who have been, and those who still are, affected by conflict.