Welcome back Year 10!

Friday 12 June 2020

We are excited to welcome back our year 10 pupils who will attend lessons in school once a week from 15th June for the rest of this term. This is to support them with their GCSE studies and complete the home learning tasks that they have been set. Below are the steps we are taking to keep your child and our staff safe. Click here if you have changed your mind and would like your child to return to school.

When will my child need to attend school?

Here is a sample timetable.

Day of the week expected in school


Base Room


Lunch Area

KS3 Side

Fitness Area


What lessons will my child take part in when they are in school?

In the week beginning 15th June your child will come in for one lesson when we will:

  • Introduce your child to their new class - the group of 12 pupils they will be learning with this term
  • Teach your child how to socially distance in school
  • Support your child with their home learning tasks for the week
  • Teach your child how to access a range of on-line learning activities.

From the week beginning 22nd June your child will come into school for one day a week from 10am to 3pm. On that day they will take part in:

  • One English, Science and Maths lesson
  • One lesson of supervised study where they will be supported to complete home learning tasks for their other subjects
  • One fitness session.

On the days my child is not in school will they still have to complete their home learning tasks?

Yes! The lessons in school will support your child to complete this home learning but they will still need to be working at home on the days they are not in. To complete all the tasks and make good progress your child should be working at least 3 hours a day.

Will they need to wear school uniform?

Children will not be required to wear school uniform during these sessions. They must wear clean clothes and you are advised to wash these clothes after they have spent the day in school.

Children should wear comfortable clothes and trainers as they will be completing an outdoor fitness session during the school day but will not be changing for this. Pupils should not wear makeup or wear valuable items of jewellery.

What equipment will they need to bring?

Your child must bring their pencil case and a full water bottle.

Will they be provided with a school lunch?

If your child receives free school meals, we will provide your child with a packed lunch. If you usually pay for your lunches your child can purchase a packed lunch from school for £2.30 using their parent pay account or bring in their own healthy packed lunch. The normal packed lunch rules apply - no fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolates.

How will the school ensure my child is safe in school?

We will be running a socially distanced school. This means that staff and pupils will maintain a 2m distance, regularly wash hands and remain in small groups of no more than 12 pupils. We know that if these steps are implemented consistently the likelihood of transmitting any virus is significantly reduced.

The Building

  • The building has had a full deep clean and we have a team of cleaners on site throughout the school day keeping the spaces used by pupils and staff clean
  • We have laid out 2m lines in key areas of the school so pupils know how to socially distance
  • We have remodelled classrooms so that 12 pupils and a teacher can be in them safely without contact and 2m apart at all times
  • We have installed new hand sanitising stations for pupils to be able to regularly clean their hands

The school day

  • When your child arrives at school they will be checked forcovidsymptoms and have their temperature taken– if your child has a temperature we will contact you to collect them from school immediately
  • Your child will be in a small class or 'bubble' of no more than 12 pupils and will remain in that group throughout the day. They will not mix with any other pupils through the course of the day
  • Your child will stay in the same room for all their lessons to reduce movement around the building
  • They will be supervised at all times including when they move to the dining room and as they eat lunch
  • Pupils will wash theirhands onentry to the building and be given opportunities to wash their hands throughout the school day

How should my child stay safe when travelling to school?

  • The shortened school day will start at 10am and finish at 3pm so that pupils can avoid the busiest times on the roads.
  • We would recommend that your child travels to school on foot or by bike to avoid public transport if necessary
  • If your child must use the bus they must wear a face mask for the duration of their journey and this mask must be removed and safely stored in a clean plastic bag before they wash their hands and enter the school building
  • Your child MUST maintain the social distancing rules throughout their journey to and from school
  • Your child should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of their lesson when the school gates will be opened
  • If they have to wait outside school, they must line up and observe the 2m social distancing rules – signage and labels on the pavement will support this
  • At the start of each school day we will deliver an important safety message to all pupils. Therefore, we cannot admit pupils who are more than 15 minutes late for school. If your child arrives more than 15 minutes late for their session, we will call you to inform you that they have been sent home.

Should my child wear a mask in school?

The government guidelines state that your child does not need to wear a mask in school. This is because of the other social distancing measures we are putting in place and because they will only come into socially distanced contact with other pupils within their class. Some staff will be wearing masks. For instance, the member of staff who is checking temperatures or staff who might come into contact with multiple groups of pupils in one day. Your child should wear a mask to travel to school if they are going to be using public transport. However, they will be asked to safely remove the mask before they wash their hands and enter the school building so that they do not touch a potentially contaminated mask inside the school building.

Can I come into the school building and meet my child’s teacher?

We must limit the number of visitors on site and so ask parents not to enter the school site at the moment. If you need to speak with a member of staff, we can arrange a phone call at a time that works for you. If you are dropping off your child for school or picking them up please do not wait at the school gates as we need to keep this space clear for children and staff leaving and entering the school site.

Working together to stay safe and keep learning

We will train your child on how to behave in school and how to maintain these strict social distancing and basic hygiene rules. If a child deliberately refuses to follow the 2m social distancing rules they will be removed from the lesson and we will call home for you to collect them. These rules must be followed to ensure the safety of your child, your family and our staff. By following these rules we can support your child to return to school, feel safe and happy and make important progress with their learning.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school directly either by calling the main school number or emailing info@arkelvinacademy.org or contacting your child’s head of year Ms Johnson (p.johnson-bignell@arkelvinacademy.org) or speaking to your child’s form tutor when they call.