Wonderful Work in English 

Tuesday 04 June 2019

As part of the Year 9 curriculum, students are studying a range of poems from famous poets across numerous canons and eras. Poems studied are from such luminaries as Robert Frost, Geoffrey Chaucer, T.S Eliot and John Milton. Students are cross referencing and comparing ideas and themes across these poems straddling different centuries but linked to the idea of a spiritual or physical journey. Above we have Venn diagrams that 9A1 and 9B1 did for homework for their poetry unit this term. In the pictures below Year 9 students are creating Venn diagrams to compare similarities and differences across the poems.

Year 8 students are studying George Orwell's Animal Farm as part of their English Mastery Curriculum. This seminal text, a satirical fable which criticises the cult of personality used by dictatorships, is being studied for both an analytical essay response for Year 8's final assessment and as an inspiration for their own descriptive writing. 

In these Year 8 books we can see the explicit teaching of vocabulary recorded by students to develop their analytical explanation of writer's methods and ideas. By exposing students to high level academic vocabulary, students can express more complicated ideas and show a more mature understanding in their responses. In these books students are also making links between the context of the novel and the writer's  purpose and intention in writing this text.