World Book Day 2021

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Every year on 4th March, Ark Elvin Academy celebrates World Book Day. This year, the celebrations were moved online, but by no means did that stop the fun. Pupils, families and staff participated in online activities to mark this annual celebration of books, reading and storytelling. 

Every pupil tuned in to a World Book Day assembly, led by our school librarian, Ms. Jenner, who talked to pupils about the transformative power of books and storytelling. Using examples from history and the present, Ms. Jenner demonstrated to pupils how books and storytelling create long-lasting effects on individuals and communities.  

During form time lessons, pupils reflected on the ways that their favourite books and stories had shaped and influenced them. To help encourage pupils to reflect meaningfully on the books that they had read, pupils were given the opportunity to hear their teachers talk passionately about their favorite books.

Click this link to see the video

Despite working from home on World Book Day, pupils could still participate in the usual activities. Quizzes, competitions, author videos, free books, free audiobooks, and information about World Book Day £1 tokens were all made available to pupils via the SPArk website (visit the site here below).

Last year, our school finished World Book Day with a quiz in the library. As promised, the Ultimate World Book Day Quiz returned this year, albeit on Microsoft Teams. The quiz was attended by pupils, families and staff, all answering questions that tested their literary knowledge.


The competition was tough, but one pupil, Dunia Alshawi (8 Iqbal), claimed victory by answering 93% of questions correctly. Ali Al-Rukabi (9 V Sharp) came in second place, and Thubiksha Sutharsan (8 Jere) finished in third.


Well done to our victor and runners-up. We all look forward to the return of the Ultimate World Book Day Quiz next year.


Happy World Book Day!