World Book Day 2022 - A day packed full of fun and engaging activities including challenges, blurb writing and prizes

Friday 04 March 2022

You are a reader!

That is the message we shared with pupils on Thursday 3rd March; the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.

In the run up to the big day, every year group attended an assembly, where Ms. Jenner, our school librarian, demonstrated to pupils how we were all part of a reading community. Whether we are reading novels, poetry, manga, books written in other languages, large print, audiobooks, or short stories for English language learners, we all have something to gain from the books we engage with.

On the day, pupils also enjoyed a World Book Day themed form lesson, where they took part in creative activities such as blurb writing and front cover designing.


On World Book Day itself, teachers came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. Pupils were issued book character bingo cards, so they could go around the school, recording the character names of their teachers. This was a great way for pupils to interact with the characters from books they may not have discovered yet. Pupils left at the end of the day with heaps of book recommendations.  


In addition to pupils participating in the book character bingo activity, teachers also shared a book recommendation with each of their classes. By the end of the day, pupils had received 6 book recommendations from their class teachers and were tasked with learning more about them at home or in our school library.


At the end of the day, pupils participated in the annual World Book Day Quiz. Pupils and staff were put to the test. But many impressed with their intricate knowledge of English literature, Young Adult fiction, poetry, and manga.

The competition was close, with pupils from all year groups attending and scoring high. But it was year 10 pupil, Kajanan Kanagasabai (10 Bunker), who won the quiz this year, scoring over 90% of the answers correctly.

As a final surprise, some pupils were given a free book, donated to the school from the Raheem Sterling Foundation. Mr. Peto was particularly pleased when his English class (7 Telfer-Adams) were surprised with their books at the end of his lesson.