Year 7 and 8 Book Trust Competition

Friday 01 April 2022

Last term, students in Years 7 and 8 had the fantastic opportunity to pick from a range of 'BookBuzz' books aimed at young readers to take home as their own! This was a fantastic chance for students to engage with a new author and grow their love of reading.

Students were asked to begin reading their book and to complete an activity demonstrating their engagement with the text over half term. They were informed the best work would be rewarded with a prize.

Students created various display work to submit ranging from diary entries written as the main character to alternative endings to their chosen book.

The English team then voted on the best entries selecting a winner and a runner-up from each year group to be awarded a certificate and prize in their assembly!

As an English team, we were so impressed by the quality of the work submitted and the creative eye of our students alongside the development in their love for literature. Our librarian has been inundated with requests for copies of titles selected by students' friends who have been eager to share the stories they have read.