Year 9 residential in the Lake District

Tuesday 30 April 2019

On the last week of the Spring Term twelve pupils in year nine spent five days in the Lake District as part of an employability programme run by The Outward Bound Trust. Each day brought new challenges and experiences that took them out of their comfort zone. From climbing a waterfall in Ullswater to hiking and camping out in the lakes - even waking up to 3 inches of snow!  Here’s what some of them had to say.

The Outward Bound course focuses on helping individuals build up their employability skills. There are many challenges we faced throughout the week, but as a team we were able to guide each other to come out of their comfort zone so that we could all grow mentally and physically. As a team, we helped certain individuals overcome the hardships that they faced. There were many ups and downs, but overall we had a great time and realised we are stronger than we think.

“We left as 12 colleagues and ended up as 12 brothers and sisters.”

- Khushil Patel

The Outward Bound Residential consisted of many challenges. Climbing mountains and waterfalls didn’t seem like a challenging task until we did it. Along the way, we individually came across our own obstacles which we had to face, but the best part about it was that we didn’t have to face them alone. Instead of being a group of 12 students, we acted as a team. As a result, we managed to overcome our obstacles because of it. This Residential not only shined a light on how important it is to have employability skills, it shined a light on how important it is to work together. Throughout these days, we learnt that you don’t have to have every skill on your own, but in order to have them in one package, we have to learn to work with each other’s skills and act upon that. There were many activities that were amazing to experience however, the best experience of them all was creating an unforgettable bond through the privations we faced in a span of 5 days.

- Diya Bhojani