Year 9 take part in the First Give Programme to raise money & awareness for their chosen charity!

Friday 01 July 2022

During form time in Personal, Social, Health and Economic education lessons, year 9 took part in the First Give Programme. First Give are a charity who inspire and empowers young people to take action to make a positive change in their local community.

Over the past term, students thought about social issues in our area and learnt about charities that work to address them.

After choosing a charity, the year 9 students then supported their chosen charities through direct social action and put together inspirational presentations in which they championed their chosen charity and spoke about the social action they did to raise money and awareness.

During the First Give final, each form presented and 9 Shortis won a £1,000 First Give grant for their chosen charity - Brent food bank! The school final was also an opportunity for the students, school, and wider community to celebrate all the hard work that the students had done over the last few weeks.