Year 9 visit to Rothschild’s Bank

Tuesday 01 March 2016

On the 28th January, a group of year 9s went to visit Rothschild, a top global bank, in central London for a day of career workshops. Miss Patel writes:

"Miss Abdul-Rahman and I were fortunate enough to accompany some pupils from 9 Amethyst and 9 Coral to Rothschild’s in Bank. The pupils had an amazing day discussing transferable skills in jobs, CV strengths and weaknesses, 'hot' and 'cold' jobs, and educational routes that they can take following GCSEs and school. Following a tour of the office building (and the company gym and doctor's surgery of course!), they were also treated to a lovely lunch on the 15th floor overlooking London. Even at this height, the pupils managed to stuff themselves silly and avoid any sickness! The day came to an end with an opportunity for groups to design and pitch their ideas for an educational app to four of the dragons of Rothschild’s! A prize was then awarded to the best group pitch.

The pupils were an absolute credit to the school and I couldn't have been more proud. Their behaviour was impeccable and all facilitators were particularly impressed with their confidence, participation and engagement! The Chief Officer of Security for Rothschild’s has given me his card in hopes of having a follow up with the pupils and has offered to visit the school and volunteer in any way that he can.

All in all, the day was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils and greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all."