Elvin team wins national marketing competition

Twenty year 10 pupils have been taking part in the after school TalentEd programme once a week since October. Throughout spring they worked in teams on a competition to develop a marketing campaign for Warburtons to launch ‘thin bagels’ aimed at women aged 20-45.

Two representatives from Warburton’s marketing agency came into Elvin to judge our entries, and selected the team made up of Margaret, Shanay and Adeyemi to represent us at a national competition, where they presented their ideas to a real team of marketing executives at WCRS in central London.

Our team of year 10s were the youngest there, going up against Sixth Formers from across the country, yet they did us all proud, demonstrating great Magna Aude to win this prestigious national competition! They submitted this report:

“On 22 of March we went over to WCRS to present the idea for the upcoming Warburtons campaign. We had to face a panel of judges consisting of people that worked for WCRS and Warburtons. It was really stressful to present something to someone that does it every day. Despite the stress we pitched our presentation with confidence and the knowledge that we'd done our best. The competition was tough as we faced a 6th form group and a creative school 6th form group meaning we were the youngest out of all competitors. Afterwards we had a tour around WCRS which allowed us to see a snap shot of what it's like to be working in creative industry. When we came back to hear the results it turned out that we won! We were all really happy and satisfied that our hard work paid off and that we had this great opportunity.”