Debate team impresses at London Debate Challenge

In May our Key Stage 3 Debate Team – Nusrath, Sabra, Shabnam, Asil, and Asha – competed in the London Debate Challenge at Kingsbury High School. They began the day by participating in a skills building workshop lead by a member of the English Speaking Union. The students were put on the spot when given the motion 'Parents have the right to access their children's online account'. They were asked to argue for the opposition; Sabra argued trust, and went on to explain that trust build relationships.

The first motion our students were given was 'This House would tax all sugary foods and drinks', arguing for the opposition against Kingsbury High School. It was a close debate, with both teams putting forward well thought out and interesting arguments.

The second motion our students were given was 'This House would give a lifetime ban to all drug-cheats in sports', arguing for the proposition against Ark Academy; the girls kept this team on their toes with their constant rebutting.

Our team was commended on their questioning and points of information by the judge, and was told that their questions pin pointed the problems in the other teams’ arguments. After an impressive performance they were eventually defeated by Ark Academy.

Our competitors were all fantastic representatives for Elvin, demonstrating great Magna Aude, and all said they learnt a lot from the day and look forward to going back even stronger next year!