English Trip to the Theatre

Wednesday 05 October 2016

On 18th September we went on a special trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, hosted at the beautiful Palace Theatre. I was full of anticipation as we queued outside. Inside, the theatre was grand and full of Harry Potter decorations and the theatre staff were chanting “Happy Voldemort Day”, which made it rather eerie. During Part 1 there were some really dramatic moments, particularly when the Dementors flew above, and into, the audience; it was very well done. When some of the characters travelled in time the whole room vibrated.

We ate lunch on the green next to Embankment, played some games and walked along the river Thames before heading back for Part 2. This part was more emotional than the first. The costumes and dances were also really impressive. It was wonderful when J. K. Rowling spoke about the Lumos charity, which helps children -placed into institutions – have a better life.

By Noor Al-Gersani