Holocaust Memorial Day

Tuesday 31 January 2017

On 26 January ten students from Year 10 History classes attended the Holocaust Memorial Day hosted by the Jewish Free School.  Miss Nina Le Blanc was very kind and explained to us what we’ll be doing throughout the day and her expectations of us.

We were very lucky to meet a holocaust survivor, Renee Salt, who told us her story from the Holocaust and how she had been held in two of the major concentration camps in occupied Germany, Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz -Birkenau.  Her talk was made even more important by knowing the fact that we would be the last generation to ever meet a survivor from the Holocaust. Mrs Salt’s story was unbelievable and also very emotional because of what she went through at such a young age and losing most of her close family in front of her eyes. As a Holocaust survivor she also reminded us of the importance of caring for each other and supporting our differences, as this makes us stronger.

We later got to work in groups with other schools and look at the propaganda used by Hitler to persuade Germans and how they allowed him to persecute 6 Billion Jews and 5 Billion other members of German society deemed to be ‘undesirable’.

Finally we got to listen to a speech from Mr Ray Hill. He spent three years in the British army became involved in the far right ‘Racial Preservation Society’, he later became well known police informant and has dedicated his life to anti-fascist and anti-racist education. His powerful speech explained to us how he changed his mind and the dangers of racism that still exist today         .

Overall it was powerful and emotional experience for all of us and we got to learn a lot about the Holocaust and the impact it still has today.

 - Dhruvini, Year 10 History

Thank you to Mr McDonough and Ms Brooks for this amazing trip.